The Race

The locations for MTB Race Cross Country have been selected as iconic locations around Sardinia. The locations include opportunities… Read more »


The minimum age for entry is 18. The rider’s age will be calculated as on 31 December of the year of the event. The categories available, for both… Read more »


The Race Organisers, the Chief Commissaire, or the Race Director reserve the right to change any rules and regulations at any time to provide fair and… Read more »


These prizes are the minimum which will be provided. Individual events can include additional prizes. Cash prizes, medals, finisher momentos… Read more »


You enter a MTB Race Cross Country using the Eventbrite’s entry system. Check the Enter/Register section for more details about… Read more »


International Riders will be required to take out a race permit applicable to the host nation of the event, in accordance with the rules of the… Read more »