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Freeride (FR) gravity is a discipline that focuses on style, aerial maneuvers and the technical parts of the paths. Its name comes from the freeride on powder snow where you want to go down a natural slope without a specified route targets or rules. In mountain biking you want to instead take a path in a more creative way possible, including style , size in the evolution , control and speed. It is believed that the first time that we talked about in the field of freeride mountain biking was in the 90s on the North Shore area of British Columbia north of Vancouver (Canada ), where some paths were prepared with facilities such as jumps and walkways elevated .

Originally freeride bikes as they used those downhill , modified to allow pedaling uphill. The most modern instead tend to be more maneuverable of a bike downhill , the purpose of which is to arrive at the bottom in the shortest possible time and that therefore must be stable at high speeds. The freeride bike has a fork instead of a single plate , a smaller frame , steering angle more vertical and shorter step , all solutions that make it more maneuverable. The weight and strength can vary , depending on how extreme is the use to which they will do. In the most extreme freeride are indeed possible jumps of more than 10 meters.

The ski resorts have welcomed this discipline , allowing you to load the bikes on the lifts and trails suitable for building on slopes that are intended to skiing in the winter (see bike park ) .

The more freeride -oriented style becomes slopestyle .

Or freestyle slopestyle is similar in a sense to disciplines such as BMX or skateboarding, slopestyle events take place on specific routes that enhance the acrobatics of the riders , athletes aiming not only to speed as the downhillers , but also the style . The paths are characterized by ramps that allow so-called ” big air “, or huge jumps that allow you to perform during the aerial evolutions special ( trick or figures ) . The rating is assigned based on criteria such as fluidity , style and difficulty of tricks. Important events are organized by Red Bull , Adidas and Nissan , the first organized the Red Bull Rampage contest in which athletes compete in the drop ( drop almost vertical ) and evolutions from a mountain in Utah Kolob ; Red Bull has always held the Red Bull District Ride that led him slopstyle in cities such as Nuremberg and Catania ; Adidas organizes several events including the Adidas Slopestyle in recent years took place in Saalbach .


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